The Parent’s Handbook of Child Development is one such resource
that helps you parent your children with on-going support and
guidance. In our cyber e-world surroundings, now more than ever we
must give our children the advantage of our wisdom, support, and
guidance. This Handbook points you in the right direction and helps
you build up confidence in your parenting skills. The Parent’s
Handbook of Child Development defines and describes important
child development principles. This book gives you concrete ways to
nurture and support your child’s growth, development, and learning
on a daily and weekly basis. It features over 700 ideas that
incorporate your everyday interactions and family experiences. You’
ll learn practical parenting tips that empower you to nurture and
defend your child in the face of forces outside your home that are
attempting to replace you as your child’s first and best teacher.
#4000 The Parent’s Handbook of Child Development
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