•  Charisms of the Holy Spirit:  Do You Know What Your Spiritual Gift Is?
  •  Getting to Know You / Getting To Know Your Giftedness!
  •  To Each Is Given A Manifestation of the Spirit.  Do You Know What Yours Is?
  •  The Simple Blessing Prayer
  •  Can You Hear Me Now? I’m Always Working For You! Love God
  •  Interior Design:  A How-To Course On Discovering God’s Creative Gifts At Work In Your Life.  
  •  Decorate your soul with God’s grace.  
  •  The Seven Healthy Habits of An Everyday Catholic
  •  Soul Renovations Are At An All Time High:  Invest In Your Future Now!    
  •  When You’ve Had Enough Cry Uncle (Jesus) and Then We’ll Talk, Love God
  •  Wanted—Catholics Dead or Alive. I Prefer Alive, Love God
  •  Eight Ways to Ensure That God Can’t Heal You
  •  The Afterglow of the Eucharist:  Let’s Pray
  •  Pray For Me  ‘Cause I Can’t Pray
  •  The Road Less Disciplined: On the Way to Heaven
  •  How To Keep Your Children From Leaving The Church When They're Old Enough To Drive
  •  Can Anyone Tell Me Why My Children Left The Church?
  •  Low Fat-High Protein Recipes for Spiritual Growth
  •  God's Mercy and Healing Love:  The Mercy Seat
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