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Welcome to The Marazon System
The Marazon Approach is a comprehensive accountability system of supports for Developmentally
Appropriate Practices.  It guides parents and professionals to effectively nurture the developmental
characteristics of children, enabling children to grow to their fullest potential through their life stages.
The Marazon Approach

The Marazon Approach is a systematic method for assessing and planning for the
emerging needs and interests of children both individually and as members of small
or large groups. The role of the teacher in this approach is to integrate traditional
subject areas (math, science, reading, language, and social studies) in ways that
support and further extend the interest and development of the whole child. This
integrative approach means that teachers must not only be concerned with a child
acquiring new skills and learning new concepts but they must also be concerned with
the “development” of the child—the whole child.

Teaching curriculum and supporting development can no longer be an either/or focus
of teaching. Rather, teaching must strive to embrace a “both/and” attitude towards
the teaching of curriculum and the nurturing of a child’s development. Marazon
shows teachers how to do this using a systematic approach that teaches curriculum in
a way that nurtures a child’s development.

This approach is accomplished through the use of a set of teacher tools—planning,
assessment, and implementation tools that keep teachers on track week after week,
supporting children’s acquisition of knowledge and skills while at the same time
nurturing and celebrating children’s development from day to day and week to week.

Aside from meeting the needs of typically developing children, this approach also
congruently meets the needs of children with special needs. This is done through
integrating a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Family Service
Plan (IFSP) into the planning process.

Parents take on a very special role in the Marazon approach. They act as consultants
to teachers as they are given both the resources and the power to make
recommendations about what they would like to see supported in their child’s
development both in the classroom and in their own home.
The Marazon System -- A Truly Child-Centered Approach

Marazon Systems are developmentally appropriate planning and assessment systems
that can be used in a variety of educational and home settings. The Systems provide
parents and professionals with just the right tools to support and challenge children's
growth, development and learning in developmentally appropriate environments and
using methods that meet the needs of diverse learners. Marazon Systems help
teachers and parents focus on describing and celebrating children's assets as opposed
to traditional approaches to educating children which attempt to "fix” their
perceived deficits.

The Systems invite professionals and parents to learn about children's interests and
developmental characteristics and then use the everyday curriculum (routines,
activities, experiences, materials, and environment) of the home, school, and
community to support their growth and learning based upon their interests and
developmental needs.
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