We have everything from deep sea fishing to freshwater canals, and everything in between, so
rent a charter or bring your own boat.

Fishing is particularly good in our part of Southwest Florida, which has plenty of freshwater and
saltwater fishing options.

Cape Coral has such great fishing because we are surrounded by the Caloosahatchee River on
one side and Matlacha Pass on the other.  These estuary waters are protected by a mangrove
preserve bordering the Cape, which creates a perfect habitat for all kinds of fish.

Beyond these waters are the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva is the Gulf of Mexico and, of
course, deep sea fishing.  For lakes and fishing fresh water canals Cape Coral has bass and
panfish. And, you will find that there are largemouth bass, bream, bluegill, and black crappie in the
Caloosahatchee River.

For saltwater fishing, try back-water and shallow-water or flats fishing along miles and miles of
shoreline in bays, estuaries, and tidal creeks.

For deep sea fishing Cape Coral has grouper, snapper, kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack,
Spanish mackerel, shark, barracuda, tarpon, mahi, wahoo, and giant red fish.

Each year thousands of anglers come to Florida to catch a grand slam ............... one of each of
Florida's most sought-after gamefish: snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, and tarpon.
Deep sea fishing, flats fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore fishing .........when you come to Cape
Coral fishing should be put on your list of things to do!

It's a lot of fun, and a great sport too. In the video below, you can watch me catching a Spanish

Each year thousands of anglers come to Florida to catch a grand slam ............... one of each of
Florida's most sought-after gamefish: snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, and tarpon.

If you want to charter a fishing guide, I highly recommend Venture Out, they're terrific!
    •  We used them to go flats fishing, they also offer inshore/offshore and backwater fishing,
    eco tours, custom charters, water taxi services; sunset, lunch/dinner, and sight-seeing
    •  Although fishing is great year round in SW Florida, make sure you ask your fishing guide
    which months are best to fish particular fish.
    •  In general, the warmer months are better because fish become somewhat dormant in
    colder waters, and there are definite seasons for certain fish.
    •  We went fishing in November when the weather is usually in the low 80's and caught
    ladyfish, sea trout, Spanish mackerel, and I even caught a puffer fish.
    •  Some items you should bring on your Cape Coral fishing trip are: sunscreen, a hat,
    sunglasses, a camera, snacks, and beverages are a must.
    •  You may also want to bring light rain gear and shoes that can get wet. Coolers are on

Cape Coral Fishing Code of Ethics:
    •  Support conservation efforts.
    •  Practice effective catch-and-release of fish that are unwanted or prohibited to retain.
    •  Don’t pollute; Recycle and dispose of trash.
    •  Practice safe angling and boating, including hook awareness and use of personal
    flotation devices (PFDs).
    •  Learn and obey fishing and boating rules and regulations, and purchase the appropriate
    •  Respect other anglers’ and boaters’ rights.
    •  Respect property owners’ rights and do not trespass.
    •  Share fishing knowledge and skills with others.
    •  Don’t release live bait into waters or spread exotic plants and fish.
    •  Promote ethical sport fishing and encourage others to do the same while out on the water.
Cape Cape Coral Fishing - The fishing in Florida is some of the
best fishing in the world!
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